"With its distinctive editing, design, and energy, Hotel Amerika is first-rate in the pantheon of this country’s literary magazines, offering a wide selection of the very best writing" -- Terese Svoboda .

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Many Rooms, Many Voices

Many Rooms, Many Voices

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014 in Announcements | No Comments

Staying in a motel can be pretty exciting. Sometimes, as we all know, it can be too exciting. Our Motel is a bit Brigadoonish, appearing and reappearing in different guises, except that we expect it will be a little grittier, at least from time to time. It’s not that the towels won’t be clean, it’s […]


Hotel Amerika congratulates our Best American Essay, “Notable Essay of the Year” honorees

Jericho Parms

A Chapter on Red, Hotel Amerika, Spring.
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Karen Wunsch
My Mother, Eating; or Dystalgia, a Memoir, Hotel Amerika, Spring.
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As Robert Atwan wrote in the introduction to Best American Essays, 2013: The vitality of American literature has long depended on the almost heroic efforts of literary magazines that somehow manage to survive today despite budget reductions, rising costs, and an unstable publishing environment. . . .When the excellent Ohio Review came to an end in 1999, one of its associate editors, David Lazar, created Hotel Amerika, (see Marcia Aldrich, “The Art of Being Born,”), which he brought with him to Columbia College in Chicago when he moved there in 2002. Featuring a generous sampling of cutting-edge writing in all genres, traditional and hybrid, Hotel Amerika has maintained an eye-catching and creative literary identity for over a decade. It is always a pleasure to read.


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